What is ADR Private Court?

ADR Private Court is a quick, confidential and cost-effective alternative to the public legal system. Proceedings are streamlined to save time and money - and flexible enough to accommodate any non-criminal matter.

Usually taking place in a neutral location such as a hotel boardroom, ADR Private Court hearings can be set up virtually anywhere agreeable to the parties involved. Proceedings can even be conducted online.

ADR Private Court decisions are legally-binding and enforceable. Through provincial legislation, decisions have the same weight of law as those handed down by a judge in the public court system.

ADR Private Court is a service provided by Augustus Richardson, Q.C. A Certified Arbitrator, mediator and Small Claims Court adjudicator, Gus brings over twenty years experience as a civil litigator in both Nova Scotia and Ontario.

For a complete resume and list of scholarly articles, go to www.gusrichardson.com/resume.
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